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Being a game changer is all about being energized, passionate, consistently focused, and creating a high impact every single day. Join author, speaker, and President of LearnToLead - Dave Anderson - in this energetic podcast based on his latest book, Unstoppable, as Dave reveals principles gained throughout his extensive career and conducts interviews with special guests from a variety of industries, all to help you: become more focused, stay energized, remain effective, and live The Game Changer Life!

Sep 28, 2018

Don't get through it; get from it.

Sep 18, 2018

You can't progress towards the game changer life when you live in denial and fail to face reality about what's really holding you back. Self-deception, or failing to look at yourself for what you really are, leads to eventual self-destruction because you're on the wrong path but don't even recognize it. This episode...

Sep 4, 2018

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation with others where there's an evident lack of positive energy, and no sense of hope or excitement. Whether it's during a meeting, at a gathering with friends, or even at the dinner table, you have the choice to be a passive participant in the misery or to take the lead and shift...