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Being a game changer is all about being energized, passionate, consistently focused, and creating a high impact every single day. Join author, speaker, and President of LearnToLead - Dave Anderson - in this energetic podcast based on his latest book, Unstoppable, as Dave reveals principles gained throughout his extensive career and conducts interviews with special guests from a variety of industries, all to help you: become more focused, stay energized, remain effective, and live The Game Changer Life!

Dec 29, 2020

Integrity is about much more than just not stealing, cheating, and lying; and, in this podcast episode, Dave wraps up his Game Film Finale Series with a look at the last, but certainly not least, of the unstoppable 8 traits – all to help you touch up this trait in your life for the coming year. 

Dec 22, 2020

Everyone focuses on something throughout their days, and with one year winding down and a new one approaching it's an excellent time to evaluate and adjust your focus, where necessary, based on the important life areas that Dave shares in this podcast episode.

Dec 15, 2020

Attitude is a choice, and in today's podcast episode Dave continues the Game Film Finale Series with insight on this game changing trait so you can reflect on the choice you’ve made with yours and adjust as necessary as the year draws to a close and a fresh one emerges.  

Dec 11, 2020

What weren't you willing to do to make it happen? 

Dec 8, 2020

Game changers not only posses effort, energy, enthusiasm, and excellence but also know how to generate passion from within. Dave continues his 8 part Game Film Finale Series with today's focus on how to fuel, feed, and fire up your passion - the fifth Unstoppable game changer trait.